What Authors and Publishers Say

"My one-sheet brochure, logo, and branding are all creations of Jan Coates. I get rave reviews on my colors, content, and design. Jan's professional advice and consultation, combined with depth of wisdom and insight, make working with her a delight."

Kathi Macias


"Jan Coates is a first-class professional. She is an expert in marketing and has creative ways to market. She is a woman of integrity and has a passion for helping people succeed. Jan has helped me with my website, business cards, and my brochure. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Jan."

Yvonne Ortega


"Jan Coates is a creative marketing professional. Her wisdom and business savvy shine through her work."

Linda Evans Shepherd


"Jan is hard working and creative."

Cec Murphey, Author/Speaker
The Man Behind the Words


"A well respected author graciously offered some advice: If you want to market your book, talk to Jan Coates--she's the best. He was right. Jan Coates Consulting exceeded my expectations in every way. Jan knows the market and how to reach it. She's knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated, ethical, and genuinely concerned for the success of her clients. Jan combines the roles of expert teacher, coach, and cheerleader in one gentle, caring package. I'm certain that my relationship with Jan Coates Consulting represents a high-return investment in my project's success."

Rich Dixon


“Jan Coates is a dynamic author, speaker, and consultant. She’s also a marketing professional who knows how to get things done. She has demonstrated time and time again that she is a woman of her word who does what she says she will do. In life, vocation, and ministry, Jan brings a remarkable level of enthusiasm and energy. Her integrity and character are beyond reproach. Years of strong corporate, ministry, and publishing experiences provide Jan with resources that will bring a new level of excellence to CBA marketing and publicity.”

Tim Peterson
Director of Marketing
Bethany House Publishers